Desktop Virtualization for Branch Office Employees


Our client was an offshore financial institution, in its expansion phase. The management was planning to open up new branch offices throughout the city. The challenge they were struggling through was to optimize spending on IT for 15 new branches they have in their expansion road map. The biggest fear was to hire IT support staff for each branch office in order to manage environment and to provide desktop support for office employees. They said they have a complete IT department at their head office which was already under utilized.


During initial discussion with management it was found that planned IT environment for each branch office was mainly composed of desktops that will be used by non-technical users, PLUS, local to each branch was an accounting server synced to the central servers at their head office. It was also found that given the nature of their business, the management is more comfortable in investment of acquiring more assets than to increase running expenses. The organization was using windows for desktop and RedHat Linux as their server operating system. We evaluated various solutions and finally proposed desktop virtualization for their branch offices using RedHat Enterprise Virtualization suite. It provided them centralized management, accountability and control for desktops as well as server environments, of all their branch offices, right into the hands of their IT department at head office. Moreover, since their IT team was already familiar with Red Hat technologies, the solution got well absorbed and appreciated by their IT personals. We provided complete end to end integration, deployment and testing plans and their team quickly rolled it out.


Our client is now enjoying interconnected desktop/server environment throughout their branch offices with centralized control and management via head office. They said rolling out an IT policy throughout their geographically dispersed organization, and providing desktop support to branch offices employees, was never been easier and manageable previously, then today

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