Mail Server with Push on EC2


Our client, instead of using SaaS based email and collaboration solution such as Google Apps, which he considered unsuitable for his organization’s image, was therefore looking to design and deploy a dedicated, reliable and scalable email and collaboration solution for his large workforce, including in-office staff and, always on-the-run, sales team. For multiple offices spread around various geographical regions, our client wants, on-server contacts, tasks, calendar and global address list (GAL) storage with real time sync capability. Additionally, PUSH style event alerting was also required for Apple and Android devices. Our client was looking for a secure solution having anti-virus/anti-spam capabilities with SSL enabled access to system. All of this in low recurring cost.


Solution was designed and deployed using open source softwares. We developed and added custom scripts/patches to manage communication between components and provided our client with email, contact, task and calendar syncing along with GAL support for PC/Mac/Mobile email clients and active sync support for required mobile devices. This setup provides SSL enabled POP, SMTP,IMAP and WEB based access for its users. Due to scalability requirement without hosting provider delays, we choose to configure and deploy everything over Amazon EC2 using CentOS as base operating system. Solution has its own detailed interface for easy web administration.


Our client is now enjoying dedicated, fast, reliable and scalable system with all modern email capabilities throughout their regional offices, efficiently serving their in-house staff and sales team, along with complete centralized control over entire collaboration architecture.