Storage Gateway


Our client was looking for an offsite solution for his organization’s day to day use and wants to utilized Amazon S3 as target offsite storage provider due to its speed, high availability, scalability, reliability, security and low recurring cost benefits but at the same time doesn’t want to burden his employees to learn new technology and therefore was looking to develop and deploy some translation interface that can seamlessly makes S3 available to his emloyees and software products with already familiar and compatible storage interface such as network shares.


During Preliminary discussion it was found that our client is already using a NAS server for organization’s in-house storage needs. We proposed NAS enabled storage gateway as a solution to cater all requirements of our client. We designed and implemented a stripped down CentOS as base operating system, Kernel Optimized and Patched for performance and OS was added with management, security and automation scripts. Using Amazon S3 as target storage resource we delivered a customized plug and play x86 based hardware appliance with NFS capabilities for clients offsite storage needs.


With this plug n play solution, Amazon S3 becomes available as NFS shares throughout our client’s office, enabling entire staff to export/import files from Amazon S3 by simple drag and drop or copy/paste operations on their respective workstations

Few months later our client informed us that Amazon itself has launched its own S3 gateway appliance, similar to the one we developed. And he is happy that with our help he was able to provide similar capability to his organization a lot earlier.