Building Private Cloud

If you want the benefits of cloud computing services without the risks and looking to create cloudlike environments in your own data centers you will need to add a layer of new technologies, collectively called cloud enablement solutions. These new technologies will enable your datacenter to function as a private cloud. This type of technology where allows organizations to adapt cloud, they help service providers enter the lucrative and demanding market of IaaS without hassle.

Our team helps you design, deploy, test, optimize, secure and manage your private cloud on your existing or new hardware.



OpenStack is an opensource cloud computing platform with scalable capabilities for building private and public clouds. OpenStack is labeled by some as Linux of the cloud era. Started by Rackspace Cloud and Nasa in 2010, widely dominated by vendors and their interests OpenStack is backed by more than 150 companies including some very noticeable ones like VmWare, AMD, Intel, SUSE Linux, Canonical, Red Hat, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM and Yahoo! and obviously Rackspace. OpenStack has APIs compatible with Amazon AWS but not supported on ground of business rivalry by big vendors for their commercial implementations. It is widely argued that multiple vendor contributions might lead to fragmentation and distract OpenStack objectives of unified standards and common ground for cloud providers and customers.

OpenStack integrates code from NASA’s Nebula platform as well as Rackspace’s Cloud Files platform.

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Nimbula is a startup cloud company found by the lead members of the team that created Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Nimbula flagship product “Nimbula Director” is an IAAS software designed to create IAAS offerings similar to Amazon EC2. Nimbula have teamed with OpenStack and plan to provide OpenStack APIs over Nimbula Director in near future. Targeting a 4$ billion market of “Infrastructure as a Service the Nimbula Director software will be used for buildinging self-service public, private, and hybrid clouds. Nimbula director is offered for download and a free deployment upto 40 CPU cores.

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CloudForms is a private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform provided by RedHat. CloudForms was initially based on the Apache Deltacloud project but it is reformed to being an open hybrid cloud management platform for automating other IaaS systems and managing applications in the cloud after RedHat pledged its alliance with OpenStack. Redhat offers the following solutions based on CloudForms.

  • OpenShift Enterprise PaaS Solution
  • Red Hat Hybrid IaaS Solution.
  • Red Hat Cloud with Virtualization Bundle

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Eucalyptus is a software platform for private Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds while using an opensource base code. What started an open source cloud project Eucalyptus System now supports enterprise-class private cloud as well. Eucalyptus elastic pools can be dynamically scaled, to achieve hybrid clouds its web services are highly compatible with Amazon Web Services API. Eucalyptus claims that it is designed to support multiple APIs and virtualization environments simultaneously but its critic argues that Eucalyptus-Amazon pairing as a counter move to the OpenStack forces including Rackspace. Using Eucalyptus’s automated solution “Fast Cloud” a basic private IaaS cloud can be deployed within 20 minutes. Eucalyptus now supports KVM and Xen hypervisors while the Enterprise Edition also supports VMware hypervisor.

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CloudStack is open source compute platforn for creating, managing, and deploying infrastructure cloud services backed by Citrix. Now running under the patronage of Apache Incubator it has been renamed to Apache Cloud Stack. Apache Cloud Stack supports Oracle VM, KVM, vSphere, and XenServer hypervisor and is also implementing the Amazon AWS and vCloud APIs. With big players already aligned with OpenStack, there is a light for small companies to get their share with Apache CloudStack open source ecosystem.

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Vmware Inc. is a company providing mainly providing virtualization and cloud computing software. VmWare Vsphere is a cloud computing solution for datacenter offered by VmWare. It is marketed as cloud operating system. Vsphere can be used both for internal and external resources management for private clouds. Management is automated and resources are allocated across cloud infrastructure. Whilst vCloud director is a self-service web based portal to consume resource in a IAAS. Resources can be easily allocated in a cloud on few clicks and workloads can be migrated between VmWare hypervisors.

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OpenQRM Enterprise

OpenQRM is an open-source cloud computing software for managing and creating private, public and hybrid IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) clouds. As like other software OpenQRM provides a web, command line and API based interface for management. OpenQRM supports the following hypervisors Linux KVM, XEN, Citrix XenServer, VMWare ESX/ESXi, Linux lxc Containers, OpenVZ and VirtualBox. OpenQRM supports upto 10 storage technologies including GlusterFS and can be run on can be run on Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS distributions. OpenQRM has a list of plugins to support deployment and monitoring and is also offered as an enterprise version with support options and additional features.

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