Cloud Management Setups

If you already have a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure but finding difficulties in managing due to complex and distributed nature of these technologies. Let us help you configure, deploy and manage cloud infrastructure management solutions such as:

Scalr Cloud Management

Scalr is an opensource cloud management software for public & private cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Cloudstack, Nimbula and Eucalyptus. Scalr is also available as a monthly software as a service subscription at form starting plans as less as 99 USD / month. Scalr features revolve around addressing Scalability, Customization, Management and Failover issues. Scalr SaaS is considered a much affordable option in competition to its rival RightScale with some lacking in additional features offered by RightScale. Scalr doesn’t support any cloud standard right now but have announced its support for OpenStack in near future.

The code is made freely available under the Apache License (version 2.0) and Scalr has received favorable reviews from sites including TechCrunch, HighScalability, the official AWS blog, and CNet, as well as private blogs.

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enStratus is a cloud infrastructure management solution for public, private, and hybrid cloud from enStratus Networks. To manage a single cloud or multi-cloud environment, enStratus provides a unified access-controlled view. enStratus supports more than 20 public and private clouds including Amazon Web Services, AT&T Synaptic Storage, GoGrid, Google Storage, Microsoft Azure Storage, Rackspace, Atmos Storage, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, Nimbula, and OpenStack etc.enStratus supports both SaaS and on-premise deployment models. enStratus offers a free version but is limited to 5 servers with 3 users included

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Cloud42 is an Open Source cloud management software compatible with Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus. It is also compatible to other systems that supports the EC2 API and can provide easy management and monitoring of cloud instances. The Cloud42 provides a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) for management of EC2 AMIs and instances. Cloud 42 is typically. Cloud42 is limited in its features when compared to open source Scalr software and is also not available as a SaaS option.

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Right Scale

RightScale is a web based management solution for managing cloud infrastructure (public, private, and hybrid clouds) from multiple providers. Workloads can be migrated between private and public clouds operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace and Tata providing tendency to manage hybrid cloud infrastructure. RightScale have also joined forces with private cloud providers like Citrix, CloudStack]and Eucalyptus Systems. RightScale solution is targeted towards enterprise and has been successfully adopted by organizations such as Associated Press, CBS Interactive, Intercontinental Hotels Group, PBS, and Zynga. RightScale SaaS subscription are offered in terms of RCUs which are RightScale Compute Units (RCUs) providing a measure of instance usage per hour. The basic edition is offered with 2000 free RCUs per month and 0.12 $ per RCU beyond the usage.

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