Cloud & Virtualization Consultancy

Do you want to reduce operational cost of your existing IT infrastructure, or planning to start, low cost, low risk, new ?

Is it virtualization, you should go with, or cloud; what are operational and financial benefits of each ?

why choose one public cloud provider over the other, build your own private cloud altogether or develop a hybrid ?

What parts of your infrastructure should be moved, and what risks are involved ?

How do you minimize risk, and maximize success ?

Let our consultants help you figure out answers to these, and many more questions regarding virtualization and cloud technologies based on your IT and business needs. Implement software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions.

How we can help

Customized Workshops – Learn how you can leverage these technologies to reduce costs and maximize your profits

Technical Assessment – Identify units of your current infrastructure, which are suitable for virtualization and cloud migration.

Risk Analysis – Identify risks and ways to mitigate them so that you can make informed decision.

Customized Solution – Get efficient and cost effective solution, based on your current IT and business needs, and corresponding ROI.

Cost / Value Analysis – Enables you to evaluate between various solutions.

In addition to consultancy, we also provide complete end-to-end service from finding the right solution to; system design, implementation, management and support.