Infrastructure on Public Cloud

Public cloud providers provide IaaS to a large audience and has the capabilities to host myriads of applications. Core benefits are cost reduction, high reliability, and fast scaling. Our team of seasoned cloud professionals have expertise in various public cloud offerings. Whether you are a startup business looking for a low cost highly scalable hosting solution or a Medium/Large business looking for a geographically distributed and reliable cloud infrastructure, for your compute, storage and networking needs; we at sysmoth help transform your ideas into reality.


Amazon web services

In early 2006 Amazon Web Services was launched by Amazon, which is a collection of key infrastructure based web services offered to business from a multitenant pool of capacity. These services together make up a cloud computing platform or more specifically a public cloud offering. AWS offers various services within the following key areas Compute & Networking, Storage & CDN, Database, Application Services, Deployment & Management, AWS capability to turn capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs and access of abundant resources in times of need together with faster results, low-cost infrastructure in cloud, automation, reliability and scalability makes it a definite choice for thousands of businesses. Amazon ranks the top visionaries, leaders in Gartner’s famous Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service.

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FlexiScale is one of the leading cloud computing platforms providing infrastructure as a service in Europe. Both Windows and Linux are supported on the FlexiScale platform using the open source Xen hypervisor. FlexiScale platform has gone through various revision form it first version based around the Virtual Iron VM management software to FlexiScale v1.5 based on in-house developed VM control system and lastly FlexiScale v2.0 with an extensively revised User Interface. Flexiscale offers three models for its public cloud infrastructure services

  • Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator : Data center licensing solution for cloud service providers
  • White Label FlexiScale: Reseller Hosting
  • FlexiScale 2.0: Pay as you go public cloud hosting

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Instacompute is a cloud solution provider offering public infrastructure as a service solutions owned by the Indian telecommunication giant Tata Communications Limited. Instacompute target market segment is South Asia, Asia pacific and its datacenters are located in India and Singapore respecitively. Instacompute offers a pay as you go model to use its infrastructure services for application development & testing, scalable web applications, cost effective and on –demand computing power. It provides all the basic resources required to run a successful IAAS on cloud while keeping itself aligned with a low cost opportunity.

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GoGrid is a cloud based infrastructure as a service provider founded by John Keagy catering automated provisioning of infrastructure needs. Using a standard web based tool or its restful API; virtual and physical servers, storage, networking, load balancing, and firewalls resources can be provisioned and scaled while providing advantage of an open source API specification. GoGrid claims to provide easy to deploy solutions addressing Big Data analytics, complex architectures, and development, production, test environments while complimenting fault-tolerant, scalable and high Availability needs.

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Skytap, Inc., founded in 2006, is a cloud computing company that allows you to create complex computing environments in the cloud. As an IAAS provider Skytap’s focus is on developing, testing, and demoing software. Skytap cloud provides a web based management interface through which users can create several machines using pre-configured VMs or own imported VMs. It supports VMware and Xen hypervisors and operating systems such as Microsoft and Linux. Using Skytap, cloud computing can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure and users can connect to their data centers and create hybrid clouds. SkyCloud’s Intelligent Automation Platform allow easy provisioning of resources like storage, compute, and memory.

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Rackspace US, Inc. is an IT hosting company also offering commercial cloud computing services. Its clients include 40% members of the Fortune 100 companies. Rackspace encompassed managed services and pure hosting businesses in March 2006 by launching its cloud computing services. Rackspace’s public cloud infrastructure services are considered next major cloud provider to Amazon. Its Cloud-related products and services are billed on a utility computing basis and includes web applicationhosting/cloud platform (“Cloud Sites”), cloud storage (“Cloud Files”), VPS/Virtual_private_server (“Cloud Servers”), Cloud Load Balancers, Cloud Databases, Cloud Backup, Cloud Monitoring etc. OpenStack Compute serves as the underlying technology for their Cloud Servers product vouching for one of the Rackspace three fundamental cloud marketing pillars.

  • Open cloud
  • Fanatical Support for cloud
  • Simplicity with cloud computing

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ElasticHosts Ltd is an international cloud infrastructure service provider based in UK. It is one of the first company to  uses Linux KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine ) virtualization in its public cloud service. Its EU hosting data centers gives its customers an edge in satisfying European Union’s tough data regulation needs. It charges by resources (CPU, Memory, Disk and Network) instead of small, medium and large instances when compared to Amazon’s payment model. ElasticHosts has also setup a white-label cloud reseller program allowing rebranding its cloud services for MSPs, resellers and system integrators which is a bold move.

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SoftLayer Technologies

SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. is a dedicated server, managed hosting and cloud computing provider.[1] SoftLayer provides public cloud infrastructure and various management tools to control public cloud instances. The company boasts managing more than 100,000 servers and datacenter across various locations. Softlayer has faced several downtimes sometime climbing to more than once in a month, coupled with customer woes raising severe questions about its ability to manage infrastructure on public cloud.

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