Security & Compliance

Security incident where causes service disruption, it also serves as a key factor in revenue losses from various angles, starting from loss of customer faith in your business, to lawsuits due to leak of personal information. Many SMBs believe that security is not necessary for their business because no one wants to target them when so many bigger targets are already there. While it’s true that smaller business are not often targeted as larger ones but there are some fundamental reasons why this belief is not correct,

  • As larger organizations are tightening up their infrastructure, smaller organization are quickly
  • Small business often ends up as a part of larger attack e.g. DDOS, Worms, botnets, Credit becoming a lucrative and tempting targets for attackers. card harvesting etc.
  • Attacks do not always come from outside.
  • Wide adoption of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS business models which often involves payment processing, security and compliance is quickly becoming a regulatory requirement than an optional business decision.

Sysmoth helps you deploy security to your IT infrastructure. Following are sysmoth current offerings,

Server & Network Security Setups
Security Testing, Audit and Compliance
Incident Response
Managed Security Service