Managed Security Service

With exponential increase in threats and threat vector, such as sophisticated botnets, worms, malware etc and due to growing complexity of today’s IT infrastructure it is becoming critical for even SMBs to maintain confidentiality, integrity and most importantly availability of their online resources. This can not happen overnight or with on need basis. It requires continuous monitoring of resources, practical awareness of emerging security trends, security testing, audits and regular patching and updates. Doing this in-house raises numerous feasibility concerns, mainly, in cost and human resource areas.

Alternatively Sysmoth Managed Security service provides a business with information-access for day-to-day operations while simultaneously securing against malicious access to its networks and servers without the overhead of maintaining the security infrastructure in-house.

Our Managed Security Services includes,

  • Managed Server Security
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed IDS/IPS
  • Managed VPN

Sysmoth has fully qualified security staff holding top industry’s recognitions and has year of experience in information security industry.

Get reliable service at a predictable monthly cost with robust SLAs.