Server Management & Support

Success of any hosted service, public or private, heavily relies on well-maintained and stable servers. This can not happen overnight or with on need basis. This required 24×7 monitoring, routine backups, scheduled maintenance, audits and regular patching and updates. Whether you have one server or dozen, you need experts in your particular server technology. Experts who are practically aware with latest issues and trends in industry, who deal with such thing on daily basis, who are well aware of your business and its normal operations. Doing this in-house usually is expansive in terms of time, money and management concerns.

Alternatively our server management and support service let you offload some or all of your server management tasks to us. We assumes ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for your systems and function on your behalf.

It will allow you to

  • focus on your core business.
  • minimize cost factor and liabilities
  • sleep better at night

Due to economies of scale, we hire best technical resources in numbers and therefore collect large skillset under our umbrella, which is often difficult and expensive when done in-house. This team deals with myriads of servers on daily basis, running vast range of softwares and configurations . This means, your servers are in the hands of highly skilled and professional people who are able to take proactive measures in timely manner. All of this in very competitive price.

There are many models for our server management and support services you can choose the model that best suits your need.

Please contact us for more information.