Server Optimization

Is your server not performing well ?

your hosting provider or vendor is suggesting that you should buy a bigger server with better resources ?

Do you really think you are utilizing the full potential of your existing hardware ?

Let’s review some facts….

Research shows that nearly 80% of production UNIX servers are less than 20% utilized. The proliferation of underutilized servers is a tremendous waste. Excessive numbers of servers, therefore consume; space, energy and, most importantly, costs.

Our team of optimization experts are fully equipped with necessary tools and knowledge to squeeze out every bit of performance from your existing hardware to get it running just how you want it, fast !

Our experts do this by analyzing and optimizing,

  • Apache/Nginx conguration.
  • PHP Conguration.
  • MySQL conguration.
  • OS Kernel.
  • various other factors.

Get veriable results from us.